Swimming Pool Water Testing


It is really important to understand swimming pool water testing, as failure to do so can lead to sickness for anyone who swims.

To make sure that the PH and alkalinity are balanced call the Pool Man, and keep your chlorine levels between 1-3 ppm.

Swimming Pool Water Testing service

The Pool Man

Your home is an investment in your family’s lifestyle, and if you are not able to make the time for the weekly water test it is a good idea to retain a reputable company that can come every week. If you live in Singapore the Pool Man is a good fit for you as he can maintain safe chemical levels to protect your family. He will send someone to your house to take a water sample and assess the quality. This brings peace of mind, especially when you have children who are not always hygienic. To keep everyone healthy you want your outdoor area to undergo regular cleaning.

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Your Pool Cleaning Taken Care Off

Singapore is a beautiful place where you can entertain outside 12 months of the year so maintaining a safe place to swim is essential for everyone.

Chemical balancing and chlorination are not something that the householder should do as chlorine is a dangerous product that can become unstable when stored. If stored too long it becomes volatile and may explode or react when mixed by the homeowner. Getting chemical balance at the right levels can take a lot of time for the uninitiated, so leave it to the Singapore is a beautiful place where you can entertain outside 12 months of the year so maintaining a safe place to swim is essential for everyone., call the Pool Man to maintain your lovely area. This is even more important in the tropics where growth occurs faster under hot steamy conditions, making it ideal for bacterial growth to occur in dark damp spots.

What to Expect From The Swimming Pool Water Testing Singapore Man

1. Thorough cleaning of your pool, more than just cleaning the walls and floor of your pool is required

2. Cleaning debris that gets into the filter and skimmer basket.

3. Checking the pump

4. Ensuring that your pool is safe for swimming.

Maintaining Equipment

The Pool Man will make sure that all the equipment is operating correctly to keep your pool in good shape, and will continue to monitor machinery for the length of the contract. Water levels are checked and pumps are cleared of blockages regularly by the company.

Monitoring PH Levels

This is another important activity of the company. If acidic levels are low it can become corrosive and this can represent a danger to your skin. So the PH levels are carefully balanced, and it is the responsibility of the company to safely monitor them to ensure they don’t exceed the healthy range. When you come home from work you want to enjoy the benefits of your pool, and when it is properly maintained you will be able to relax and unwind knowing that the hard work has been taken care of.


Hiring the right service, the Pool Man, will free up a lot of time for you to swim and exercise.

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